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If your existing security system has failed and can not be repaired or if you would like some modern features available on the latest security systems, the Alarm Man can help. In many cases the existing movement detectors and cabling can be retained with the addition of a new control panel and code pad.
We have systems that can connect to your internet service and give you a smart phone application to control your alarm and also receive messages on your phone from your alarm. We can provide systems that effectively remove the need for Back to base monitoring, as all the alarm messages can be sent direct to you, with a crystal clear message telling you the status of your alarm, this will cost less than 50% the cost of your domestic back to base monitoring fees, for effectively the same security.
If you have an older security camera system, maybe it is an older black & white system or one of those grainy colour systems, we can upgrade this system to a new High Definition system and we have crystal clear high definition systems that will work on your existing Co-axial cabling, so you will save money by retaining the cables. We can set up smart phone applications for you. so you can check your cameras from your mobile phone.

I can also test and replace old smoke detectors that are connected to your alarm system, smoke detectors that have been installed for more than 10 years are a common cause of alarm system faults.

So if you have a fault with your alarm and just need it fixed, I am here to help you, give me a call or if you prefer, send me a txt, maybe even txt me a picture of the alarm code pad so that I know which system you have and can give you some initial help over the phone.

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The Alarm Man and our service division The Alarm Repair man are security alarm specialists with over 33 years industry experience. If you require a service call us.

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If your existing security system has failed or if you would like some modern features available on the latest security systems the Alarm Man can help.


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